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A Little bit about Insulation

by in News & Articles on Apr. 10, 2014

Once a home’s heating system has been set to work at its most efficient, the next step is to ensure that as much heat is retained as is possible. Of course there is always heat loss in a house due to air infiltration and the necessity for ventilation. The trick is to control this ingress of air and create a thermal envelope that encases only the area that is required .

Coming together to take control of energy costs.

by in News & Articles on Feb. 13, 2014

The average Irish household is spending 2500 euro per year on their domestic energy needs, that includes heating, lighting and everyday electrical use.

This adds up to an annual expenditure of 6 billion euro per annum for the entire country. This energy is almost entirely generated by the importation and combustion of Fossil fuels. The Kinsale gas field has ceased production and the Corrib gas field has yet to .

Sustainable Communities

by in News & Articles on May. 16, 2012

Fuel Inflation

We`re all aware of the dramatic rise in fuel prices in recent years, seeing them sore in a decade. Ireland is still a scarcely populated country with a poor public transport system with most of us relying on fossil fuels to travel, sometimes long daily commutes from rural areas to towns and cities. The time however is fast approaching where getting to and from work or retail outlets may simply .

Getting the basics right

by in News & Articles on Apr. 17, 2012

At “The Cork Energy Rating Company” one of the main areas of advise I give is in relation to boiler systems which are one of the main sources of energy consumption in the home.

Boiler and heating control upgrade

In my role as BER assessor, I am often asked to carry out ratings on houses that have just had shiny new solar panels fitted only to discover that the boiler in place might be up to 40 years old and .

First Edition

by in News & Articles on Apr. 3, 2012

Hi there to all,

This blog will be about all things Green. Im going to write and hopefully inform readers on all things related to energy efficiency while exploring types of renewable energy sources out there. Looking also at some ideas and case studies locally and from across the world where individuals, communities and governments are exploring other  more environmentally friendly ways to sustain our need for Energy.

My name is Stephen McGovern, I am Building Energy Rating Assessor and Energy Consultant .